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We have a new addition to our team: Eli Usma. We know you will all be very happy with her level of experience & what she has to offer us all here at CFG.
Hi I’m Eli Usma. I have been a member at CrossFit for a few months now. I was already a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer prior to joining CFG.
I was born in Colombia with a lots of passion for sports & fitness since a very young age. I started my career when I was challenged by my volleyball coach to run an Aerobics class for the new students at my university whilst I was doing Law. From that moment I enrolled in the fitness school & it’s been 18 years of happy memories and lots of growing which I hope will continue!
I know this is what I was born to be: to live a life of health and fitness & to help others find their way. During this time, I have spent a lot of time constantly developing my skills & have done various qualifications in fitness including, Pilates, functional training, group exercise, Aqua, Cycle, Kettlebells, Vipr, TRX, Rip Trainer, sports nutrition, Crossfit and many others including dance related Certs as I come from a dancing background grounded in Latin American culture.
I have been in Australia for 12 years now, in & out training people in South East Asia, Thailand & Sri Lanka where I used to run my own fitness Center for over 4 years before coming back here to Geelong.
I am 37 years of age & have 2 amazing children! Allegra is 7yrs & Miguel is 4yrs. They are both very active which pushes me to keep up with them!
I am here now to continue to grow & feel so lucky to be able to train here at CrossFit Geelong. I have a very strong background in Pilates which is very complimentary to CrossFit.
Chris & Corrine have really encouraged me to start to filter this into the training here among the members, but also within the daily programming.
My role here to begin with is to conduct the Fundamentals program, running the Fundamentals classes, private PT’s & some Pilates & Core Stabilization Workshops which you will see coming up. As I gain more experience within the walls here, you will see me taking classes and assisting.
I will do my best to meet all of you and I very much invite you to come & introduce yourself to me. I would like to share lots of my knowledge with anyone who would like to learn more. We do a lot of lifting and a lot of gymnastics in CF as you all know, and by introducing more core stabilization and rotational work to your current program, you will be able to see the functional benefits in no time!
Thankyou for Reading, Eli.

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